EXTRA KINKY® contains the same great flavors as the bottles, but these extra-naughty cans contain 8% alcohol. It’s KINKY® with a kick. Needless to say, they pair well with friends, dance moves and everything from pregame to after bar.

An irresistible combo of mango, passion fruit and blood orange flavors of KINKY® Pink, but with an EXTRA KINKY® kick.
The crazy-delicious fusion of luscious peach and tropical flavors of KINKY® Gold, but with an EXTRA KINKY® kick.
The fiercely yum blend of wild berry and tropical flavors of KINKY® Blue, but with an EXTRA KINKY® kick.
The extra mischievous mix of watermelon and strawberry flavors of KINKY® Red, but with an EXTRA KINKY® kick.

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